Methods to win at roulette

The following recommendations are the provisions of the only optimal strategy, which if not guarantee you a 100% victory, but can make the game much more orderly and productive, which will greatly increase your chances of making good money:

  • Take the opportunity to play for free without registration in demo mode. Practice shows that experienced users win at casino slots more often than beginners. Therefore, before you start playing for real money, you should familiarize yourself with the theoretical features of the specific slot, paytable, control panel, etc. Thus, you can decide whether the slot machine for the commission of real bets (hryvnia, rubles, etc.), and you will feel much more confident if you decide to make real funds;
  • When choosing a slot machine, pay attention to its dispersion (or volatility), which is the payout frequency of the casino slot. If you’re facing a slot machine with a long cycle (high dispersion) – large winnings are possible after a fairly long losing streak. A short cycle (low volatility) means that wins will be much more frequent, but payouts will be smaller;
  • Another important characteristic to pay attention to is choosing a machine with a high RTP (theoretical percentage of return to players). The higher it is, the better your chances of winning;
  • Do not turn down bonuses offered by online casinos (but do not forget about the wagering conditions);
  • The easiest way to beat slots slot machines with themed bonus games, symbols with extended functionality, risk round to double, and other additional options;
  • If the original balance of the account as a result of a series of lucky spins has been tripled, you need to stop or turn your attention to another slot machine. Otherwise, with a 90% probability you will lose all your money;
  • Proper allocation of bets. Need to allocate the amount with which you can, without regret, part with the online casino, distribute it into several small equal parts, and do not go beyond the daily budget in any circumstances, regardless of whether you’re lucky today or not. This method allows you to significantly extend the gamble, and with it, the chances of a profitable day at the casino;
  • Communicating with other players on specialized forums, blogs, and other thematic discussions will help beginners gamblers do not make a mistake in choosing online casinos, as well as choose the most “generous” slot machines, learn what methods are used by other players to improve the chances of success.


Methods to win at roulette

Roulette is not called the “queen” of casinos for nothing. Although the popularity of this entertainment has faded a little on the background of the widest spread of video slots, however, roulette still retains its title. Therefore, the question of how to win at roulette has been worrying people’s minds for centuries.

During the existence of roulette, a lot of strategies, tactics, and methods have been developed, which help to play and win, according to the assurances of their creators. The realities of modern life are such that today the game of roulette is possible, for the most part, in the virtual sphere.

But in fact, the strategy, allowing with a 100% guarantee to beat roulette in the casino, does not exist. According to the legends, the creator of roulette went mad because he could not develop such a tactic.

All of today’s strategies can help you win at online casinos and get real money, exclusively in one or more individual roulette rounds. When it comes to an infinite amount of time – everything depends solely on luck.

Before you give basic strategies that increase the chances of success, it’s worth recalling the main purpose of the game of roulette in any casino. It consists of guessing on which number or numbers the ball will stop when the roulette wheel rotates, having previously placed bets on them.

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