History of Pokemon BTC


This all started on eBay.

currencies_badbDon’t get me wrong. I’ve made a good deal of money selling Pokémon TCG products there and enjoyed doing it, but..
The idea of some monolithic entity that my ability to profit from my sales was subordinate to- did not sit well with me. As the most widely-used auction site, eBay reaps the benefits of “being at the top” and therefore enjoys seller’s fees and product placement fees that necessitate making each product’s price that much higher.

At Pokebit, we make it our goal to provide the absolute lowest prices in the market, in order to offset the novelty and extra effort in acquiring Bitcoins. Because of the nature of Bitcoin, transaction fees are much lower than buying and selling with US Dollars. As a consumer, this should work to your benefit.

btc_4_pkmnbWe charge no shipping for US buyers. This was something I decided very early on, over four years ago. Free shipping, and no hidden fees!
I am interested in making the kind of business that I would like to buy from. I like it when businesses I am considering buying from do not obscure the price by not displaying shipping costs in the most easily readable way possible.

Spreading Pokémon cards throughout the world and bringing awareness of Bitcoin provide me great pleasure. I now get to do both.